José Luiz

About me

Hi, my name is José Luiz, I am an Entrepreneur and Experienced Software Engineer, I have a passion for building IT solutions and helping companies to expand, plan and be successful.

I have a great experience in the full lifecycle of software development process including requirements definition, design, prototyping, coding, interface implementation, testing, debugging and maintenance.

Some of the main responsibilities and projects that I would like to emphasize are:


- .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor, HTML5, Javascript

- NodeJS, ExpressJS

- Entity Framework, LINQ

- Advanced T-SQL Skills for database SQL Server and Oracle

- Project Management, and Team Lead.

- Pro Bono project, Volunteer.

I am study Javascript in Depth, and get some certification, such as, Scrum, AWS to improve my skills !

In 2010, I opened my own Technology Company Isco Sistemas, where I work in the present days as a Senior Software Engineer, if you have a company and need software to plan feel free to reach me and know our solution.

Reach me

If you feel that I can provide you with value, I encourage you to add me to your networking circles!

This website

I’ve been start written some posts about programming, I believe in reinventing the wheel, building things from scratch, and writing code with a few libraries and dependencies as possible.

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned as I began my journey as Software Engineer. I aim to create the best, most concise, straightforward, and practical articles possible.

José Luiz

So I provide my website to you completely free, without ads, without sponsored posts, because I want to leave a positive impact. If this is reasonable to you, please consider supporting me with a coffee or with a private services. :)

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All coffee supporting are sending to MSF and to Rotary :)

Probono, Worthy Cause, and Humanity Project

I have a some Open Source Project, (and I plan to start more), but if you have a humanity project, Probono, Community, or worthy cause, let me help you! I love this cause, Reach me out today! :)


Many project have a private code, :( … you can check my github profile as well, but I put here some project, all of them I used C#, .Net Core, Javascritp, HTML5, SQL Server or Oracle:

Software Application
VH Success Case This is my first project using NodeJS and ExpressJS, to show data information about people hired in Canada, If you is a Admin, you can add a new case or delete data…
HackQuestion Page This is a WebSite Tools, to help some candidates to study regular question for interviwers and record yourseflt to check your English
NopCommerce Shippment Plugin This is a Plugin for Shipment Calculation Price, to use on NopCommerce Solution, It’s Free and Open Source.
NopCommerce Payment Plugin This is a Plugin for Payment Calculation, Integrated with PagSeguro, to use on NopCommerce Solution, It’s Free and Open Source.
CRM/SAC Software WebApp Software Write to Help my customer a plan and control your Customer Services.
Customer Issue Payment Module WebApp Another Software that help customers a control customer requirement to pay insurance
Smartadmin WebApp SmartAdmin solves problem for manager DEAL, CUSTOMER with PIPELINE for companies